sarah weaver : composer


Label and Publications


SyncSource Label and Liminal Music Label are for recordings of projects of Sarah Weaver and collaborators. 
Formats: Compact Disc, High Resolution Digital Download, High Resolution Flash Drive

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SyncSource Publishing and Sarah Weaver Music Publishing (ASCAP) are for scores, writings, and pedagogical materials of Sarah Weaver and collaborators.

Sarah Weaver has also published journal articles for MusicWorks, International Society for Improvised Music, International Association of Schools of Jazz, and as a co-author in "Telematic Music: Six Perspectives" for Leonardo Journal together with Pauline Oliveros, Chris Chafe, Mark Dresser, Jefferson Pitcher, and Jonas Braasch. Weaver's "ResoNations: International Telematic Music Concerts for Peace" is included in "Music As A Global Resource: Solutions for Social and Economic Issues" 2011 Compendium and 2015 Compendium initiatives of United Nations partner organization ICCC in cooperation with UN-HABITAT in support of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.