sarah weaver : composer


Compositions 2011

EN-S(O) (2011)

Telematic ensemble piece for the event "Inspiraling 2011: Telematic Jazz Explorations". The title en-s(o) references metaphors of ‘ensō’ the Japanese word for “circle” and symbol associated with Zen, ‘en’ as translation in some languages to ‘in’, portal and lucidity in (o), and the motion of the title as deliverance into new balance and multidimensionality. For telematic music and the metaphor of the concert title ‘inspiraling’, this relates on several levels. Particularly, ‘ensō’ has many simultaneous symbolic layers such as wholeness and void, perfection and imperfection, strength and vulnerability. This relates to aspects of telematic music such as latency, the distance yet intimacy through the technology, and mixed reality states of internal, local, remote, and global. As a practice ‘ensō’ may be drawn in one stroke, completing the circle or leaving an opening, exposing the character and expression of the artist at the time, which also relates to music improvisation. The concepts of portal and lucidity have physical implications such as ports in networks, and diverse spiritual associations. This also relates to the shared space, or ‘real space’ of the artistic medium. As a whole, the title is intended as an expression of the motion of the piece, into the (o).

The music incorporates elements such as pitch and pulse spectrums, generative nodal harmony with nodes as points of multiple intersections, pointillism, polyphony, call and response, multiplicity, impulse time, simultaneous planes, associative sounds such as water and cultural invocation, improvisation, and gestural processing with sections of one conductor for both sites and of two conductors to have simultaneous conducting in each location. The gestures are a combination of the gestural language Soundpainting, original gestures developed for the piece, and traditional conducting. The live video is based on spectral developments of a circle, designed to be a portal and an expression layer of the piece together with the music. The piece culminates in a generative circular synthesis in gesture, video, and music.

Premiered November 2, 2011 at New York University and University of California San Diego
San Diego Musicians: Nicole Mitchell, flute, Michael Dessen, trombone, Joshua White, piano, Mark Dresser, bass and conductor
New York Musicians: Jane Ira Bloom, soprano saxophone, Amir ElSaffar, trumpet and voice, Oliver Lake, alto saxophone, Tomas Ulrich, cello, Ikue Mori, laptop, Sarah Weaver, conductor
Video Art: John Crawford

NODE 4x4 (2011)

"Node 4x4" is written for a quartet in New York and a geographically spatialized quartet between San Diego, Irvine, Montreal, and Seattle. Written for the event "Telematic Tranform Music", Transform is explored in this piece through the concept of node as point of multiple intersections. "Node 4x4" consists of ten palettes performed in sequence as cued. A telematic convolver function written in MATLAB is utilized by the laptop performer to sound in a combined acoustic space of the locations.  

Premiered April 23, 2011 at New York University, University of California San Diego, University of California Irvine, Concordia University Montreal, University of Washington.
Ensemble: New York - Oliver Lake, saxophone, Hadi Eldebek, oud, Dave Taylor, trombone, Gerry Hemingway, percussion, Sarah Weaver, conductor
San Diego - Mark Dresser, bass
Irvine - Michael Dessen, trombone
Montreal - Eldad Tsabary, laptop
Seattle - Stuart Dempster, trombone, didjeridu, conch shells

NODE 111, VOLUME 1 (2011)

Solo drumset work for Gerry Hemingway. "Node 111, Volume 1" is based on nodality in music and spectral multiplicity of self. Nodes are applied as points of multiple layers of intersections that are heard together in time. In section 1, the impulse sounds are an extension of ‘111’ and the nodes expand and contract within the event set. In section 2, a  kind of displaced, staggered music alliteration is applied. Alliteration in poetry is the use of the same letter or sound in the beginning of consecutive words, such as ‘light’ ‘link’. This concept is implemented in the beginning, middle, or end of the musical phrases. Section 3 is a modular node ascension process, culminating in a resultant whole.

Premiered April 23, 2011 at New York University, University of California San Diego, University of California Irvine, Concordia University Montreal, University of Washington as part of the event "Telematic Transform Music". Gerry Hemingway, drumset.

Performed with "Node 111, Volume 2" January 2015 Southeast Asia Tour and August 1, 2015 at The Stone in New York. 
Performed with "Node 111, Volume 2 and 3" July 2016 New Zealand Tour and November 29, 2016 at The Cell Theatre in New York.
Recorded November 30, 2016 at Mavericks Studio, New York.


Telematic duo piece for bagpipes and tenor saxophone. "Center to Center" is expressed as a telematic mixed reality, exploring the deep thresholds and resonant resultants of this state through musical approaches in spectral and nodal synchrony. 

Premiered March 24, 2011 at New York University and Queen's University Belfast
Musicians: New York - Matthew Welch, bagpipes. Belfast - Franziska Schroeder, tenor saxophone.