sarah weaver : composer


Compositions 2010


Telematic large ensemble work for "ResoNations 2010: International Telematic Concerts for Peace - United Nations Headquarters, Seoul, Beijing". “ResoNations”, meaning “to resonate nations”, is an ongoing concert series since 2009 at the United Nations and international sites.

Premiered December 3, 2010 together with new pieces by Yoon Jeong Heo and Min Xiao-Fen at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, China Electronic Music Center of Beijing Conservatory of Music, National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts - Seoul.
Ensemble: United Nations Headquarters in New York - Jen Shyu, Voice, Jane Ira Bloom, Soprano Saxophone, Min Xiao-Fen, Pipa, Mark Dresser, Bass, Satoshi Takeishi, Percussion, Sarah Weaver, Conductor.
Beijing, China - Wu Na, Guqin, Yan Jun, Voice and Electronics, Yang Ming, Trombone, Wang Lichuan, Percussion.
Seoul, South Korea - Chi-wan Park, Piri, Hyang Hee Lee, Seng Hwang, Yoon Jeong Heo, Geomungo, Woong-sik Kim, Percussion.

TELEIN (2010)

Telematic large ensemble work for "Inspiraling 2010: Telematic Jazz Explorations - New York, San Diego". "Telein" is a Greek word meaning "to initiate into the mysteries". It is related to the Greek words 'telesma', 'telos', and the Arabic 'tilasm' طلاسم. Working with the premiere concert title Inspiraling: Telematic Jazz Explorations the piece incorporates time and development based on the fibonacci spiral sequence. This is intertwined with multiplicity, spectrum, impulse time, and nodality, to reveal the dimensionality of the music through the telematic medium.

Premiered June 13, 2010 at New York University and University of California San Diego
Ensemble: San Diego - Hafez Modirzadeh, saxophone, Michael Dessen, trombone, Alex Cline, percussion, Mark Dresser, contrabass
New York - Amir ElSaffar, trumpet, Oliver Lake, saxophone, Min Xiao-Fen, pipa, Gerry Hemingway, percussion, Sarah Weaver, conductor 

S/P(L)ACE (2010)

Large ensemble piece. "s/p(l)ace" is written on notions of "space" "place", their composite emerging realities within the physical and virtual worlds, expansions of real-time into real-space, and the complex dynamics and depths of potentials in these new paradigms on personal and collective levels. The title is also a reference to Sun Ra's "Space is the Place" released in 1973, adapted to the present. The music properties of s/p(l)ace incorporate nodality, spectrum, intercultural dialogue, polyphony, multiplicity, generation, and synthesis. 

Premiered July 14, 2010 at The Stone, New York
Ensemble: Jane Ira Bloom, soprano saxophone, Ned Rothenberg, alto saxophone, Dave Taylor, bass trombone, Kenta Nagai, shamisen, Jin Hi Kim, komungo, Doug Van Nort, greis/laptop, Gerry Hemingway, percussion, Sarah Weaver, conductor