sarah weaver : composer


Compositions 2009

SLM (2009)

Telematic bass ensemble piece co-composed and co-conducted by Mark Dresser and Sarah Weaver for the event "Deep Tones for Peace - New York and Jerusalem". "SLM" is the triconsonantal root of many words that translate to "peace" in several Semitic languages. These words include "Shalom" in Hebrew, "Salaam" in Arabic, "Sliem" in Maltese, "Salaamata" in Afar, "Selam" in Amharic, and "Shlama" in Aramaic. "SLM" for telematic bass ensemble, utilizes a form developed by Sarah Weaver and Mark Dresser, that translates metaphor into specific musical materials. These materials are modulated through the conducted language, Soundpainting.

Premiered April 26, 2009 together with new pieces by many bass composers. Manhattan School of Music New York and Hama'abada - The Jerusalem Performing Arts Lab.
Ensemble: Thierry Barbe (France), Mark Dresser (USA), Trevor Dunn (USA), Irina-Kalina Goudeva (Bulgaria/Denmark), Henry Grimes (USA), Lindsey Horner (USA), J.C. Jones (Israel), Michael Klinghoffer (Israel), Chi-chi Nwanoku (UK), Barre Phillips (USA/France), David Phillips (USA), Rufus Reid (USA), Bertram Turetzky (USA), Sarah Weaver (USA)
Recording available on the Kadima Label, Jerusalem

Performed May 28, 2015 at The Stone, New York
Ensemble: Rufus Reed, Ken Filiano, Brad Jones, John Lindberg, Rob Nairn, Lisa Mezzacappa, Dave Phillips, Mark Dresser
Sarah Weaver, conductor


Telematic ensemble piece co-composed and co-conducted by Mark Dresser and Sarah Weaver for the event "ResoNations 2009: International Telematic Concerts for Peace". Dedicated to Dr. Hope P. White-Davis (b. 1952 d. 2009)
Founder and President Emeritus of the World Association of Former United Nations Internes and Fellows
Text excerpts utilized in Hope's Dream from a speech by Dr. Hope P. White-Davis - 
the worth of the human person
non-violence for children 
common commitment
the international community
the opportunity to transform  
to share information and capacities
the possibility of effecting change
the causes we hold dear
our service to the world community 
it is well
a journey 
the best of our collective dreams 
just, equitable, sustainable, humane, and peaceful world

Premiered November 20, 2009 at United Nations Headquarters in New York, University of California San Diego, Banff Center for the Arts (Canada), Queen's University Belfast, Dongguk University (Seoul, Korea).

Ensemble: United Nations Headquarters in New York - Joan La Barbara, voice, Yoon Sun Choi, voice, Robert Dick, flute, Jane Ira Bloom, soprano saxophone, Marty Ehrlich, woodwinds, Oliver Lake, saxophone, Dave Taylor, trombone, Tomas Ulrich, cello, Samir Chatterjee, tabla, Sarah Weaver, conductor and composer.
San Diego - Mark Dresser, contrabass, conductor, composer
Banff, Canada - Lee Heuermann, soprano, Charles Nichols, electric violin, Sam Davidson, clarinet and electronics, Chris Chafe, electric cello and composer, Geoff Shoesmith, tuba and electronics, Knut Eric Jensen, piano
Belfast - Pedro Rebelo, composer and piano, Franziska Schroeder, saxophone, Manuela Meier, accordion, Steve Davis, drums/percussion, Justin Yang, saxophone/electronics
Seoul - Jun Kim, composer, SeungHee Lee, haegeum, Euy-shick Hong, saxophone, Woon Seung Yeo, visuals, Quartet X: Yoonbhum Cho, 1st violin, Soyeon Park, 2nd violin, Heejun Kim, viola, Saelan Oh, cello 


For Vocal Ensemble with Overtone and Throat Singers. "Cohe(a)rence" explores compound intersections in harmonic resonance, linear multiplicity, and nodal modulation as manifestations of individual and collective real space. Real space, in relation to real time, signifies presence within multiple locations. Cohe(a)rence sounds integrative motion. 

Premiered February 22, 2009 at Somewhere There, Toronto Canada
Vocalists: DB Boyko, Lawrence Cotton, Christine Duncan, Jaron Freeman, Lesley Greco, Michelangelo Laffaldano, Sarah John, Shannon Kerr, Juliet Palmer, Scott Peterson, Lara Solnicki