sarah weaver : composer



Perpetual He(a)ring
By Sarah Weaver
For Telematic Ensemble

Premiered May 4, 2012 at "Thresholding 2012: A Telematic Music Event, New York-Seoul"
New York University and Korea National University of Arts
Ensemble: New York - Mark Dresser, bass, Ellery Eskelin, tenor saxophone, Jim Black, drumset, Sarah Weaver, conductor.
Seoul - Bae Il Dong, p'ansori vocalist, Hyunseok Shin, haegeum, Simon Barker, drumset.

Program Notes: Perpetual he(a)ring is a piece for two telematic trios and conductor, written for “Thresholding 2012: A Telematic Music Event, New York - Seoul”. The piece sounds harmonization and healing within multiple threshold levels such as internal/external realities and authenticities, physical/metaphysical, and across lifetimes in before birth/after death cycles. “He(a)ring” is intended to represent “hear”, “here”, and “ring”, as in circular embrace and resonance, holding of here as composite location and composite reality on momentary and macro planes, and the simultaneous process and challenge to hear with this from internal and external source, within thresholds. “Perpetual” is present as eternal realities and fundamental motion, as sustainability and resultant within and beyond the threshold state. Together, Perpetual he(a)ring expresses these elements as interdependent, healing, and sustaining.