sarah weaver : composer



Universal Synchrony Music (2013-2017) for telematic electroacoustic large ensemble

Sound in Peace (2016-2017) for voice, electronics, multiple instruments

Inner Network (2017) for electronics

Reality Axis (2016) for drumset and electronics

Node 111 Volumes 1-3 (2011-2016) for drumset

Sustainable Balance (2016) for telematic large ensemble and video

Resonance Synthesis (2016) for large ensemble

Polydimensional Transformation (2016) for bass

Guidance (2016) for bass trombone and electronics

Remembered Future (2016) for voice, oboe, and multiple instruments

Multidimensional Tunings (2015) for large ensemble

Inner Here (2015) for trombone

Refuge (2015) for bass trombone and oud

The Point Being (2014) by Ray Anderson and Sarah Weaver for large ensemble

The Becoming of Time (2013) for telematic large ensemble

Water of Peace (2013)/Ma'a al-Salam ماء السلام  for large ensemble

Perpetual He(a)ring (2012) for telematic large ensemble

Cycles of Awakening (2012) for large ensemble

Renewal Ringings (2012) for large ensemble

Breath of Peace (2012) for large ensemble

Re:Sonance of Mahler's Song of the Earth (2012) for large ensemble

en-s(o) (2011) for telematic large ensemble

Node 4x4 (2011) for telematic large ensemble

Center to Center (2011) for telematic bagpipes and saxophone

Ascension (2010) for telematic large ensemble

Telein (2010) for telematic large ensemble

s/p(l)ace (2010) for large ensemble

SLM (2009) by Mark Dresser and Sarah Weaver for telematic bass ensemble

Hope's Dream (2009) by Mark Dresser and Sarah Weaver for telematic large ensemble

Cohe(a)rence (2009) for vocal ensemble

Spectral Syn (2008) by Mark Dresser and Sarah Weaver for large ensemble

T/here in/to a/void form/less (2008) by Mark Dresser and Sarah Weaver for telematic large ensemble

Atone (2008) for trombone quartet

Sema (2008) for voices and strings

Between the Body (2008) for large ensemble

Water Naught (2007) collaborative composition for telematic large ensemble

Four Channel Celleto Concerto (2007) for solo celleto and telematic large ensemble

Dreamwaker (2007) for large ensemble and Second Life installation

Spiral Tap (2007) for conch ensemble

Resonant Frequencies (2006) collaboration with Pauline Oliveros for telematic large ensemble